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Zanu-PF bigwigs warned not to interfere with election processes


The ruling Zanu-PF party has threatened to crack the whip on party bigwigs interfering with processes of the forthcoming party district coordinating committees (DCC) elections. Lately there have been reports of infighting between the party bigwigs over candidates to participate in the forthcoming elections to re-introduce the DCCs, however Zanu-PF national commissar Victor Matemadanda said appropriate action would be taken against leaders found interfering with the elections. “I understand that in some provinces they have set up teams for vetting and recommending… that is outside the instructions we gave. The instructions were that they receive and yes, put remarks, but not to necessarily have a panel that is going to vet. It’s outside the instructions that we gave and if anyone has or is going to do that it is null and void; we are not going to consider anything from that.

“I want to emphasise that everyone who is going to be involved, including the leadership, we all must be bound by party discipline. Party discipline entails also not to go against given instructions despite the level of a person. “There is no one who is above the law. If we say a procedure must be followed that is what must be done. No one is allowed to change that because we only direct what has been communicated by the politburo. Any deviation from what we have said will be considered as indiscipline and action will be taken,” Matemadanda said.

Besides having the DCCs disbanded in 2012 as the party felt they were being used to encourage divisions and factionalism in the Party, Matemadanda said the DCCs elections were meant to invigorate Zanu-PF instead of strengthening individuals within the party.

“The desire is that the process should bring in people who are purely going to be serving the party, not any particular leader in the provinces or districts. Some areas had developed a tendency where some MPs would want to influence who goes where looking at 2023, so that they create grounds for campaigning. This is not the purpose of the election. The election is supposed to result in strengthening the party and this is what we want. “It is the people who are going to be led who should be given a chance to elect the person they think is better suited to lead them. “We want this to be adhered to and strictly observed. No leader is ever going to be allowed to give an input on who should be what,” Matemadanda said.

“Whenever there is an election, there is a contest. Of course it’s natural and normal that some people will be having their preferred candidates…but the party protocols do not allow that, especially us in the leadership to go and say I prefer candidate A not candidate B. “There are things that we correct just through a telephone call, but … we have resorted to paper communication so that we have things on record,” he added.

Matemadanda encouraged interested candidates to submit their curriculum vitae by September 24 for the selection process.

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