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Zambia to reopen all schools as Covid-19 cases drop


In an announcement on Friday, Zambia said that it is reopening all learning institutions following insignificant cases of the coronavirus after the reopening of examination classes recently.

President Edgar Lungu said his government will also reopen bars on a “pilot basis”.

Speaking during the official opening of the National Assembly in Lusaka, President Lungu said, “I announce the reopening of all schools, colleges and universities with caution, between September 14 and 18, subject to adherence to public health guidelines.”

In his statement, Lungu noted that the education sector suffered losses among them financial since the Covid-19 induced closure.

“Since the reopening of examination classes, I have observed and confirmed that there has been an insignificant number of pupils and students who have contracted Covid-19.”

According to the coronavirus case tracker Worldometer, Zambia had 13,214 cases as of September 11, with a total of 300 deaths.

The country has also shut all entertainment locations, sending most businesses into a nosedive and leading to job losses.

“I announce partial reopening of these outlets – from Friday to Sunday – with immediate effect but with serious caution,” the President said.

The covid-19 pandemic has ravaged communities and economies across the world.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News


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