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Swaziland: traditional doctors discover cure for corona virus


Swaziland traditional healers claim their self-made concoction can kill coronavirus within two hours. However government says it would be difficult to prove the claims by traditional healers.

Organised under the Witchdoctors Association, the traditional healers made this claim during their meeting which was held at Zakhele on Tuesday. The meeting was specifically for the Manzini Region were traditional doctors were mixing their newly found COVID-19 concoction.

They said a seriously ill COVID-19 patient can take up to a week to fully recover while it can take only two hours for someone who just got infected.

Mduduzi ‘Small Joe’ Dlamini, who is the Chairman of the Health Portfolio Committee and Member of Parliament (MP) for Maseyisini said he was impressed by the work that was done by the traditional doctors. Believing also that the COVID-19 traditional remedies could treat the coronavirus he said as such, they were fully behind the move to produce traditional remedies for COVID-19.

“Even western medicine is made using traditional herbs,” said Dlamini.

Dlamini encouraged people not be ashamed to use traditional medicine if they were sick adding that, government had already approached the University of Eswatini (UNESWA) regarding testing the tinyanga’s COVID-19 concoctions.

He said the Royal Science and Technology Park (RSTP) would soon play a major role in the production of COVID-19 traditional remedies.

In response, the Witchdoctors Association National Chairman, Makhanya Makhanya, said they hoped that their engagement with government would yield positive results.

Makhanya claimed they have helped a lot of people who believe in traditional medicine and they could not fold their arms and watch as people die.

Meanwhile, the Director of Health Services Dr Vusi Magagula said it could be difficult to test and prove that the traditional doctors COVID-19 concoctions could heal a patient within two hours adding that the concoction would only treat patients in hospitals after it has been scientifically tested and approved.

However, he said people have a right to choose where and how they want to be treated.

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