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Malawi: Uladi Mussa in race to replace Mutharika


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice president responsible for the Central Region, Uladi Mussa, has confirmed that he will be joining the race for the party’s presidency aimed at replacing Peter Mutharika among three other names mentioned to be up for the race.

Mussa said he has been receiving calls from party supporters countrywide, asking him to contest for the party’s presidency during the next convention.

Recently, a placard that has been circulating on the social media purporting to drum support for Mussa’s candidacy, suggested him as being an inclusive leader who who doesn’t regard tribe, religion, district of origin and region as reasons for considerations qualifying someone to positions of leadership. They further said Mussa is a highly charismatic leader, socially and politically

Mussa confirmed having seen the poster and expressed his preparedness to contest for the top position in the party in honor of the people’s wish.

“I must tell you that this placard is the work of my supporters who are spread across the whole country. They have seen the leadership potential they need for the party and I am ready to reciprocate their honour by humbling accepting to stand for the position at the next convention,” he said.

“I am very ready to stand for the position even if it means the convention is taking place tomorrow. But let me emphasize and appeal to my supporters to respect the incumbent leadership of Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika because he remains our party president until the next convention,…. I have the required experience and I will definitely contest.”

Other names being favoured for DPP leadership include leader of the opposition in parliament Kondwani Nankhumwa, who is DPP vice-president (Southern Region), Nankhumwa’s predecessor Dr George Chaponda and DPP vice president (Eastern Region) Bright Msaka.

DPP is facing an intense pressure to change leadership following the party’s miserable performance in the Fresh Presidential Election held on June 23, 2020.

Spokesperson for DPP, Brown Mpinganjira, said the party will open the leadership contest and the race will only become official after October 31 2020.

He confirmed that names have started emerging on the aspirants for the position of party president among other party positions which are also up for grabs. Mpinganjira said on October 31, the Functional Review Committee led by Msaka will present its report on the party’s direction and the leadership will meet to discuss all matters relating to the convention.

“The committee has been given up to October 31 to report to the working committee, which will in turn study findings and recommendations and call for National Governing Council (NGC) meeting.

“That NGC, having looked at the recommendations, will decide on the way forward, including the convention,” he said. Mutharika is expected to address DPP members of the developments soon.

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