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21 inmates killed in Madagascar prison breakout


Twenty one inmates have been killed in a shoot-out with police during a prison breakout in Madagascar on Sunday with one other reportedly found dead later.

Madagascar’s justice ministry said tens of prisoners attacked guards with rocks and grabbed a gun as they tried to flee the Farafangana prison in the southeast of the Indian Ocean island.

According to justice ministry, Forty eight of the 88 who managed to escape were captured by the police and army while eight were wounded in the shoot-out.

“Forty-eight inmates have been captured (in total) so far and another death has been recorded, bringing the number of fatalities to 21,” the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

Thirty-one managed to escape the prison, located in the southeast of the Indian Ocean island, however Madagascar police have recaptured 11 of the 31 escaped prisoners, one day after a breakout that ended in a deadly shootout, the justice ministry said Monday.

11 of those escapees have since been caught and that one had been found dead, leaving 19 to account for.

Mass prison escapes are very common in Madagascar, previously in 2016 approximately 40 detainees broke out of a high-security prison in Toliary in southern Madagascar.

Police opened fire on scores of inmates trying to flee Farafanga prison on Sunday, capturing 48 but killing 21 and wounding eight in the process..

The police and army were called in on Sunday after almost 100 prisoners turned against prison guards with rocks and a stolen gun.

The ministry said the weapon had been recovered and has vowed to boost security at penitentiaries across the country to me sure all escapees are recaptured.


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