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Namibia rejects German 10 million euros reparations offer


Mixed reactions engulf the former Germany colony following the Government’s rejection of a 10million euros genocide reparations offer from Germany.
Last week the President of Namibia Hage Geingob said reparations by Germany for mass killings committed in the colonial era were ‘not accepted’ and needed to be ‘revised’
The German settlers massacred tens of thousands of indigenous Herero and Nama people in 1904-1908 which has been recorded by Historians as the first genocide of the 20th century.
In the battle of Waterberg in August 1904, around 80,000 Herero including women and children fled after which German troops reportedly went after them across the Kalahari Desert. A paltry 15000 Herero were lucky to survive the brutal massacres.
The issue has been received with mixed feelings by the citizenry with some saying these are issues of life which cannot be bought back by whatever monetary value.
“Once human life is lost, there is nothing really anyone can do about it. There is no amount of money that can pay back.”
However, some were of the opinion that Government should not be involved in reparations issue since the aggrieved have a team of people representing them in the matter.
In 2015, negotiations between the two countries commenced to find closure through an official apology by Germany as well as development aid.
The Germans have so far refused to account for their deeds through an official apology though some would see the willingness to compensate as a diplomatic apology.
“I don’t see anything wrong with the offer, apology or not will not bring back the lives of those that lived before us, at least they have shown a sign of remorse by extending the 10 million euros offer. The willingness to pay for their sins is what matters at the moment. That money will make a difference in the lives of the targeted beneficiaries.” Said one Namibian citizen who preferred anonymity on fears of victimization over his utterances.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News Correspondent


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