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Zimbabwean crisis will not be deliberated at the SADC summit


The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa, on Thursday enlightened citizens that the upcoming SADC summit scheduled for next Monday does not have an agenda to discuss the Zimbabwean situation, as Zimbabwe is not in a crisis, contrary to reports by some countries and international watchdogs.
The announcement was made in response to a plethora of requests that were made on various platforms including social media, for SADC and the African Union to intervene in the Zimbabwe crisis. Some of the prominent people that raised a red flag on the said Zimbabwean crisis on human rights abuse include the Secretary General of the ANC ruling party in South Africa, opposition party in South Africa, former President of Botswana and several other prominent people.
On giving reasons as to why there is not going to be any deliberations on issues alleged to be devilling Zimbabwe the out spoken Mutsvangwa said,
“All said, there is no crisis in Zimbabwe that needs external intervention under established international treaties and conventions. It is important that we refute press claims of a crisis in Zimbabwe.”
“It is common knowledge that there is no Zimbabwean issue before the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security. Neither is there any such issue before the SADC Summit. Definitely there is no such issue before the continental body, the African Union,” added Mutsvangwa.
Due to the global call for respect for human rights and the rule of law in Zimbabwe, the African Union chairperson was compelled to dispatch a three-member envoy from his country to meet with President Mnangagwa to get firsthand information on the said crisis, after which President Mnangagwa denied that there was no crisis.
“This was at the peer-to-peer level of brotherly Heads of State of two sister nations that enjoy excellent diplomatic bilateral relations. The envoys brought in their message, which was duly delivered to the host President. In return they received a briefing from President ED Mnangagwa. The reciprocal messages are the property of the leaders and it is their prerogative as to how they can be handled or disseminated,” highlighted Mutsvangwa.
South Africa opposition political party leader of the EFF called for South Africa to temporarily banish the Zimbabwe embassy in South Africa and take other serious measures to push the Zimbabwean government to address the concerns that have been raised by Zimbabweans and other global watchdogs.
Many Zimbabweans are flocking to neighboring countries especially South Africa to look for employment, as the local unemployment rate stands above 80 percent.
Mutsvangwa further blamed the opposition political parties in Zimbabwe for creating a false crisis with the help of western countries.
“The opposition and their foreign handlers, with their varying ignorance and mischief, have been trying to create a psychosis of crisis. On the other side President Mnangagwa has been busy on a positive and rewarding trajectory much to the relief of the people of Zimbabwe,” highlighted Mutsvangwa.
The main opposition said it has recorded 38 cases of abduction and torture committed by armed men in unmarked vehicles where most alleged victims suffered severe life-threatening injuries.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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