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Zimbabwe main opposition urges youths to lead from the front against the government


The main opposition party MDC Alliance, led by Nelson Chamisa, has urged Zimbabwean youths to spearhead change in governing the nation, this was revealed in a statement in commemoration of the International Youth Day by MDC Alliance National Youth Chairperson Tererai Obey Sithole.

‘We have reached a point where we cannot rely solely on playing the victim card, even though victims we are; we are in a time in which complaining is not enough, even though there is much to complain about,’ said Sithole.

Zimbabweans embarked on a global social media campaign using the hashtag, to express displeasure over the alleged torture, abductions and maladministration by the government which is said to have plunged the country into economic doldrums. The campaign draws the attention of the international community as various international watchdogs urged the government to respect human rights and adhere to the rule of law.

‘Over the past few weeks, we made a lot of noise through #ZimbabweLivesMatter and the world heard us. We built a lot of momentum but in order for us to sustain it, our situation now requires bold steps of action,’ said Sithole.

This week the south Africa President dispatched an envoy to Zimbabwe in an effort to hear and mediate over concerns that has been raised by the Zimbabwean community and the international community on the abuse of human rights and governance issues. On 11th of august President Mnangagwa met the south African envoy and assured them that Zimbabwe is not in a crisis as portrayed by the online campaigns and International news.

The MDC Alliance National Youth Chairperson further noted that the Zimbabwean youths must be united to ensure accountability and good governance.

‘As the world celebrates the youth today, it should be on the mind of every young person that Zimbabwe needs our collective effort. While the Mnangagwa led regime continues to sharpen its tools of repression, it is also the time for us to perfect our resolve and fight for good governance,’ Sithole.

The government of Zimbabwe on several occasions distanced itself from the alleged torture and abduction of opposition members and those that criticize the government, as it has always highlighted that there is a third force in play, which is tarnishing the image of the government.

Sithole noted that the government is continually using brutal repressive means so silence those who demand transparency and accountability from the government.

‘They have consistently responded with a heavy hand on protest and they continue to punish political activists. As we mark this day, our youth Organising Secretary, Godfrey Kurauone and many other politicall prisoners continue to languish in prison on flimsy charges,’ Sithole.

Some of the conveners of the 31july demonstration which was thwarted by the government are currently in hiding and on the run, as the police launched a manhunt. Those in hiding are wanted on charges of attempting to overthrow the government on 31 July.

‘Many young people in Zimbabwe have been displaced from their homes following a manhunt of prominent activists and opposition youth leaders by the state after calls for the 31 July national protest,’ added Sithole.

The youths were urged to use new tactful methods when trying to dismantle dictatorship and exposing government corruption.

‘it is time to decentralize the struggle to avoid easy targets for the regime. Imagine how difficult it is going to be for the regime to monitor and persecute scores of ordinary citizens each playing an active role in the struggle against corruption and dictatorship?’ Sithole.

‘It is incumbent upon us, the young, to lead this struggle from the front. As we reflect on this #YouthDay2020, we take this opportunity to remind each other that; we are our own liberators, none but ourselves!,’ Sithole.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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