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Ebola cases slowly resurfacing in DRC


At least 33 people have died of ebola since June 2020, as the deadly pandemic is slowly resurfacing in democratic republic of Congo.

Recent cases that have been recorded by who are emerging in Équateur which is a border region in the country’s northwest.

While the world is heavily focused on fighting against the spread of COVID-19, the spread of ebola virus is a menace that should be nipped in the bud before it spreads across Africa and the World over like COVID 19.

Some of the reasons put forward for the spread of Ebola includes, movement of people using crowded public transport. New Ebola cases in June were identified in which patients were isolated although they had an average delay of five days after showing symptoms, during which time they were both infectious to others and missed chances of receiving early treatment which gives them higher chance of survival.

Among the new cases is one in Mbandaka, where the outbreak first first case was recorded. The Congo River community still has the most Ebola cases at 25 but the disease continues its geographical spread to new areas.

“The constant presence of confirmed cases in (Équateur) is of particular concern, along with suspected cases who are not isolated,” said WHO.

Currently the world health organization is said to be incapacitated financially in responding to the new cases that are emerging.

“Additionally, there are insufficient funds available to cover the response required,” added WHO.

Ebola is one of the viruses that have similar precaution measures as COVID-19, which include contact tracing, tests and others. According to WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted that the first initial outbreak of the pandemic enabled them to be better equipped.

“The outbreak took so much from all of us, especially from the people of DRC, but we came out of it with valuable lessons, and valuable tools. The world is now better-equipped to respond to Ebola,” said Ghebreyesus

On 25 June 2020, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo declared the country’s tenth outbreak of Ebola over. The initial outbreak was declared on 1 August 2018, with 3,470 people diagnosed, it had claimed the lives of 2,287 people. New cases that are being reported currently could trigger a new wave of outbreak and reverse the progress made so far in fighting against the spread.

Ebola is one of the viruses that spreads fast by fusing with cells lining respiratory tract, eyes and body cavities.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News Correspondent


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