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Zimbabwe lashes back at S.A on human rights criticism


Zimbabwe’s ruling party Zanu-pf, on Thursday released a statement though its Information and Publicity Department lambasting the African National Congress (ANC) secretary-general Ace Magashule for openly talking about the Zimbabwean situation on the economic, human rights abuse and the silencing of opposition parties and voices on national television.
“As a revolutionary sister, it has never been in our tradition to censure a fellow revolutionary movement or Leaders using megaphone approaches, more so when such utterances are misinformed and baseless, to say the least,” reads the statement.
Responding to Magashule, Zanu-pf maintained that ANC was largely misinformed on the current Zimbabwean situation, as it noted that all that has been said by Magashule are unsubstantiated allegations.
On a televised interview Magashule highlighted that South Africa is fully aware of the Zimbabwean situation, as the ANC is interacting with some of the Zimbabwean citizens who are fleeing to south Africa due to the alleged political victimization of citizens for political grandstanding.
“We have talked to some of the people who were exiled from Zimbabwe, who ran away from Zimbabwe, we have interacted with them, we know their story, we have heard them. What we see there on Television is uncalled for …. and that Zimbabwean Lives Matter,” said Magashule
Zanu-pf further claimed that no citizen of Zimbabwe was exiled due to political victimization and intimidation by Zanu-pf government, as those Zimbabweans that are exiled in south Africa are merely fugitives of justice.
“…. there is no Zimbabwean who was exiled to South Africa by our Government nor the Party. Referring to fugitives of justice who escaped this country to find a safe haven in South Africa as exiles, when they dodged various corruption crimes committed during the previous administration is not only hypocritical but absolute hogwash,” said the statement.
The Zimbabwe’s ruling party further noted that, it is a disgrace for someone who is a Secretary- General of a ruling party to utter any words to Zimbabwe basing on multimedia materials.
“To find, therefore, a person of the stature of the Secretary-General of the ANC making such deplorable utterances on the basis of old videos some of which have been imported from situations outside Zimbabwe but attributed to Zimbabwe in the past, being resurrected by keyboard activists is an embarrassment not only to himself but the organisation he represents,” added the statement.
Zanu-pf went on to throw brickbats on South Africa’s similar human rights abuses that are perpetrated by the South African government
“It is in this light that we have seen on social media, videos of South African soldiers beating their non-compliant citizens using fists and sjamboks while in some regrettable circumstances, we have seen them spraying rubber bullets on their citizens resulting in serious injuries and deaths, to the extent that it has been reported that members of the SANDF killed 8 citizens in the streets during enforcement operations. ZANU PF has not uttered a word in public,” noted the statement.
“We have watched Marikana Massacres that remain unprecedented since the turn of the millennium by government forces but we have sought to respect South Africa’s capacity and right to deal with those matters internally,” added the statement.
“We have seen our people being victims of systematic xenophobic attacks with some ANC leaders spreading hostile messages that worsened those attacks against our people but we have sought to address that using the normal diplomatic channels,” said the statement.
Currently trending on social media platforms across the globe is the “#ZimbabweanLivesMatter” a call for the government to respect human rights and the sanctity of life. Other prominent south Africa citizens such as former Democratic Alliance movement leader Mmusi Maimane has also joined the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter bandwagon.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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