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Malawi president called to cancel re-admitting retirees


President Lazarus Chakwera is currently facing an angry backlash mostly from youths who are disgruntled by the president’s move of recalling retired former government individuals into the new administration.
An amalgamation of political parties, Tonse Aillance is one of the leading political group which has registered disquiet against the president, as they noted that the move does not portray Tonse philosophy.
Defending the stance of recalling retired individuals, Minister of Information Gospel Kazako, who is also government spokesperson, highlighted that retired individuals are equipped with critical skills which are pertinent in revamping the public service which youths do not possess.
Writing on their twitter microblog Tonse Ailance said the president’s move is retrogressive and will cause the numbers of unemployed youths to sky rocket as youths will not be given opportunities to serve in the government or develop critical governing skills.
“Recalling people from retirement is fuelling unemployment situation in Malawi yet millions of youths are jobless,” said Tonse Ailiance.
Some of the individuals who have caused youth to flash a red light includes Sandram Maweru who retired while as Principal Secretary (PS) in the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development who has been recalled as PS at Irrigation, Blessings Chilabade PS for Human Resources Management and Development and Zangazanga Chikhosi to be Secretary to president and Cabinet (SPC).
A Zambian political commentator Humphrey Mvula said, the readmitted individuals should serve for a short term for the purpose of equipping the youths with critical knowledge on governance.
“experience is the best teacher and you can only get this experience from the best managers who may come into civil service on short term contracts,” said Mvula.
In the words of government spokesman there are “very few” that have been recalled from retirement.
One of the citizens noted that Chakwera should not readmit the retired by giving them top ministerial or other top government posts, but should readmit them as advisors or rather teachers in providing knowledge in the areas were their expertise are required.
“Those retired civil servants cannot be engaged not as full time employees,” noted Wiza Machi.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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