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Rwanda frights COVID-19 with robots


Rwanda has become one of the top countries in Africa to make great strides in the fight of a global pandemic which has threated to extinguish the human race, as the nation adopted innovative technology to augment the fight of covid-19 infections.
The use of robots to minimize contact of health workers with patients, is one innovation that has opened up some of the economic activities which had been temporarily closed to prevent the spread of covid-19. So far Rwanda uses robots in some of its medical centers to conduct some of the prerequisite covid-19 procedures, such as performing temperature screening, taking readings of vitals, deliver video messages and detecting people not wearing masks then instruct them to wear masks properly.
This robotic innovation is now helping not only medical hospitals but also the national airline, as the international airport in Kigali reopened, on the 1st of August. To ensure that passengers and crew have no symptoms of the virus before boarding any plane. Covid-19 robots will do most of the preliminary and prerequisite covid-19 testing which will be supported by the passengers producing a covid-19 negative certificate test from a certified Rwandan laboratory within 72 hours.
The use of robots is one of the latest, measures that will reduce the spread of the deadly pandemic especially infectious spread that is between health workers and patients. So far the medical front line workers globally have contracted covid-19 while in the process of treating and diagnosing patients, hence this robotic innovation has brought a relief to the medical fraternity in Rwanda.
Currently Rwanda has five covid-19 robots which were made by Zora Bots, a Belgian company which specializes in robotics. The five robots were acquired through a partnership between the UNDP, Rwanda Accelerator Lab (AccLab) and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation.
According to statistics the innovation has made it possible for medical care workers to reduce contact with patients, since the launch on May 19 at the Kanyinya COVID-19 Treatment Centre as visits by medical staff to patients went from 3-4 to 2 per day since May 2020 at Gatenga and Kanyinya treatment centres in Kigali City.
The robotic technology will allow all domestic, regional and international flights to resume. One of the robots that is stationed at Kigali International Airport has the capacity to screen 50 to 150 people per minute and report abnormalities and health irregularities to officers and health workers on duty.
The resumption of the airline for domestic and regional frights has partially opened up the hospitality industry, as there will be an increase in the number of hotel occupancy as those that are coming into Rwanda will be subjected to a compulsory quarantine in any hotel of their choice while taking care of their hotel bills.
While some African airlines are still waiting for an appropriate time to re-open flights and ensure national safety, Rwanda is the leading country which has opened while adhering to World Health Organization (WHO) Covid-19 regulations.
Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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