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Guinea president accused of wanting to run for third term


The current Guinean President Alpha Condé, who was elected in 2010 proposed to change the constitution to codify gender equality and bring in new social reforms. The Democrats for Hope party, fears that the current president has a bigger and dreadful motive rather than just altering the constitution to accommodate gender equality, but to expand the presidential term limit.
Opposition parties are convinced that since the president has not publicly made any clear indications that he will definitely not be contesting in the upcoming election due to the expiry of his two term presidential limit as per constitution, this serves as a clear indication that the president has ambitions to run for a third term after altering the constitution.
In the words of the president the decision to run for a third term is at the discretion of the ruling party, as the ruling party is set to choose a new leader that will contest in the October elections on the 6th of August. President Alpha Condé is 82 years old.
Of late opposition parties have been organizing demonstrations since last year, as most of them were violently repressed.
On Sunday, 10 people were said to have lost their lives during the clashes between opposition protesting forces and police according to amalgamated opposition party group National Front for the Defence of the Constitution (FNDC).
“they carried out massive arrests, fired blindly, cruelly molested (and) killed at least 10 people,” said FNDC.
The First opposition leader for Democrats for Hope party Ousmane Kaba, was on Sunday declared to be the official leader for the opposition party to run in the Guinean presidential elections scheduled for October.
Democrats for Hope (Pades), was formed in 2017. The declared opposition leader is predicted to lure support of the Guinean People party, with supporters from urban areas and communities housing the educated.
FNDC recently announced that demonstrations will resume on 6 August 2020. FNDC is well known for organizing demonstrations against maladministration by the ruling party.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC NEWS Correspondent


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