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New Malawi government embarks on 4th phase against corruption


Malawi government led by the new president Lazarus Chakwera, has embarked on its fourth phase which is meant to last for 40 days, with an aim of flushing out corruption which is perpetrated within government structures.
President Chakwera on Tuesday confirmed the completion of other three phases of transition out of the five intended phrases, as the first phrase was swearing-in and inauguration.
So far Chakwera has marked 30 days in the presidential office, after removing Peter Mutharika from power though elections.
Chakwera on Tuesday referred to the process of flushing out corruption in the government as a process of “clearing the rubble”.
Most of the government members to undergo the process of clearing rubble are those that served in the government of the former president. He referred to former Mutharika’s government members as “the rubble of cadets and the state filt” and “dross of sycophants.”
In another move meant to facilitate the process of flushing out corruption, Chakwera suspended politically compromised boards of parastatals until audits are completed, this move will prohibit interference in the investigation processes by law enforcement agencies.
“law enforcement agencies are finally enjoying the independence they need to crack down on looters without fear of political interference or reprisals,” noted Chakwera.
Other aims of the forth phase includes, the appointment of new boards of parastatals, the implementing of lasting legislative and administrative reforms within state institutions, companies, and ministries.
The Malawi leader said he has appointed new heads of departments and the initial batch of chief advisors to help him manage State House affairs.
“In recognition of the fact that this phase demands our concerted efforts, yesterday I hosted a summit of the nine presidents of the nine parties in the Tonse Alliance,”
“I am happy to report that although we each lead unique political entities, we remain unanimous and resolute in our commitment to not allow the parochial interests that may exist within our own parties to derail our collective national agenda,” said Chakwera.
Chakwera won presidential elections with 2.6 million votes, while former president Mutharika had 1.75 million votes. Chakwera leads Malawi’s oldest party, the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), which once ruled Malawi for three decades from 1964 to 1994 under Hastings Banda’s one-party rule.
Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News correspondent


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