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Lungu asked to step down for party to win 2021 elections


A Prominent Zambian Politician and presidential contestant Kelvin Fube Bwalya, has asked President Edgar Lungu to step aside for the upcoming presidential elections and allow another person to contest If Patriotic Front (PF) Is to Win 2021 Elections.
The current leadership of the PF is said to have besmirched the name of the party, as such there is considerable fear in the PF camp that President Lungu will lose the forthcoming elections due to the level of corruption and other irregularities which has allegedly made some citizens to distance themselves with the pf party.
“We have differences, we are being labelled corrupt, we are being labelled a bunch of thieves, we are being called names left, right and center. It will require a bulldozer and I am telling you when it comes to organisation, when it comes to strategies you are talking to a strategist,” said Bwalya.
Bwalya once served as Deputy Chairperson for Elections for the ruling Patriotic Front afterward in May 2019 he was suspended from the party after announcing his intention to contest.
Bwalya noted that the call to stepdown is not driven by any personal feelings, but motivated by the brotherly love to help the president and not destroy him.
“We can turn this thing around and all I am asking is that the President steps aside. He’s my elder brother. We shall look after him, it’s nothing personal,” added Bwalya.
In June 2020, ECZ chief electoral officer Patrick Nshindano confirmed that Zambia will be conducting an online voter registration in the wake of COVID-19.
Currently the election Commission commenced testing of the Online Voter Pre-registration Platform before launching the actual system in September 2020.
Some have welcomed advent of the new online voters registration as Coalition President Professor Charles Mwape says this initiative is timely as the country is moving towards embracing technology in conducting businesses.
The Electoral Commission of Zambia is estimated to register around 9 million eligible voters ahead of the 2021 polls.
However other presidential contestants expressed displeasure over the high fee for registration to contest, as the exorbitant fee will prohibit many Zambians who would want to participate in next polls The ECZ Chairperson Justice Essau Chulu has so far remained adamant and satisfied with the fee.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News Correspondent.


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