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Massive shake looms at Namibia aviation authority, as Corruption, cronyism and racism are exposed


Suspended assistant legal officer of Namibia Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), Natalia Isak, exposed a plethora of work related violations which have been going on for a long period. These work violation encompasses corruption, presiding over unfair salary grades, lack of transparency and questionable tenders, unfair salary grades ,cronyism and racism.

When these issues were put to the fore by Isak, Works and Transport minister John Mutorwa, notified his intentions to the public to address these allegations before Friday the 24th of July.
Linden Birns an aviation expert from South Africa on Monday the 20th, registered his concern that the matter should be handled in a cautious manner, as these allegations have already left a dent on the aviation company, which will definitely affect its operations.
“Civil aviation authorities play a crucial safety oversight and regulatory role, which impacts a country’s entire economy. As the standards setter, they are expected to lead by example or risk losing, not only their institutional credibility but the country’s competitive edge,” said Birns.
Isak, claims that her suspension was unlawful and according to a letter she wrote to the NCAA board chairperson, Kosmos Egumbo, most of the top leaders of the organization, do not qualify to hold their current positions.
“persons with significant control in the NCAA, namely the IED (interim executive director), advisors to the IED, CFO (chief financial officer), human resource manager, and several other persons in key managerial positions, lack integrity and are therefore not fit and proper persons for the official positions they currently hold,” said Isak.
She alleged that white employees were getting paid far better than their black counterparts, despite holding the same work positions.
Some of the recordings shared by Isak though social media exposed illegal job recruitment processes and many other concerns.
“The second grievance I raised is the illegal recruitment processes conducted by HR, on the instruction or with the knowledge of IED. These include that of Mr Hans-Wiehahn, whose position as advisor to the IED, was not advertised, is not on the organisational structure, had no job specification until after his appointment (because he then drafted it himself), does not require skills not available in Namibia – and yet the said Hans-Wiehahn, being a foreign national, has been employed in the said position, without Namibians even being allowed the opportunity to apply for it. Recruitments of this nature are in contravention of Section 16 of the Employment Services Act and the Home Affairs requirements for the granting of a work permit to a foreign national,” highlighted Isak.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa SADC News Correspondent


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