The government of Zimbabwe has banned and labeled the much awaited 31 July protest against corruption as a mere “subversion of the constitutional order” amid fears that the purpose of the protest is to overthrow the government, this was said by the information ministry spokesperson Nick Mangwana.
“What is being planned for July 31 is unconstitutional and it will not be allowed to happen. The state has apparatus that are in place to ensure that the constitutional order [is maintained],” noted Mangwana.
The panned protest comes at a time when most of the worker’s representative bodies have expressed displeasure over the remuneration of works, which have reduced the value of many professions.
“There is nothing anti-corruption about the protests, as you can see, everyone is mobilizing with the view of overthrowing the government,” highlighted Mangwana
The right to protest is one of the constitutionally guaranteed right enshrined in the constitution of Zimbabwe.
Many Zimbabweans are living in fear of their government to firmly hold the government to account in relation to rampant corruption and maladministration that is so much perpetrated by some top brass of the government. Recently the minister of Health was dismissed from his post after evidence of spearheading corruption in the procurement of Corona Virus equipment caused a stir on social media.

One of the brains behind the 31st of July protest Jacob Ngarivhume earlier noted that the intentions of the protest is parallel to that of the South Africa’s history.
“For those asking what we want accomplish on 31 July reflect on this – 26 years ago, Nelson Mandela guided South Africa out of a very dark and brutal period. Today South Africans do not live in fear of their government but have a voice to fight corruption and to guide policy,” said Ngarivhume.
Furthermore Ngarivhume said that the current Zimbabwe leaders have failed the nation, in discharging their mandate to the people.
“We need to get real about the situation in our country. We are faced with the total collapse of our economy in the midst of a global pandemic. The government has proven to be woefully incapable of doing what needs to be done to save Zimbabwe,” said Ngarivhume.
One of the people in support of the protest, Brite Zonge highlighted that the government is the main impediment to fighting corruption.
“We should remain resolute and face our common enemy. We can’t afford to tolerate a Government that protects cartels and corrupt ministers, looting national resources, using courts and security forces to pursue a political agenda. We should stand in solidarity and speak with one voice until we are heard,” said Zonge.

Liberty Pazvakawambwa

SADC News Correspondent- Zimbabwe


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