Home Accidents Attackers kill 8 gas project workers in northern Mozambique

Attackers kill 8 gas project workers in northern Mozambique


Islamists ambushed 8 employees of a private construction company working on the gas project in Mozambique’s restive north, the company announced on Sunday.

Attacks on workers involved in the liquefied natural gas project have so far been rare.

Total said 5 armed fighters wearing military uniform similar to those worn by the Mozambican forces staged the attack late last month.

3 of the 14 occupants in the vehicle survived and another 3 are still missing.

“On Saturday 27th June a vehicle belonging to Fenix Construction, a company that operates in Palma, …was attacked by five insurgents, approximately four kilometers north of Mocimboa da Praia in Cabo Delgado (province),” the company disclosed on Sunday.

The attack occurred around 50 kilometers from the Total LNG site.

On the same day, Islamist militants occupied the small town of Mocimboa da Praia for the 2nd time this year, forcing civilians to escape the town.

Despite the instability in the region, Total has said it will continue with its $23 billion gas project.


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