Home Politics Bangui wants arms embargo lifted to force armed groups to peace

Bangui wants arms embargo lifted to force armed groups to peace


The UN Security Council held by video-conference on 22 June 2020 was an opportunity for the Central African authorities represented by Sylvie Baipo Témon, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to advocate with other states for the total lifting of the arms embargo on the country.

While the efforts of the national authorities are welcomed by the Security Council, the actions of the armed groups are of high concern. “Unanimously, the various member states congratulated the efforts of the Central African authorities and the willingness to remain in constructive dialogue and reconciliation in the Central African Republic. They also condemned the violence and violations of the agreement by certain armed groups,” said Sylvie Baipo Témon, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Central African armed forces are negatively affected by the consequences of the arms embargo. Russian Federation supports the Central African Republic by training FACA forces. Russia also has equipped the National Army with weapons in August 2019, but its operational capacity remains very weak to secure the entire territory.

Given the increase in the power of the Central African armed forces following the multiple formations provided by the Russia and EU, the need is all the more pressing for these forces facing security challenges in several regions of the country. The minister for Foreign Affairs is pleased that some states have taken the floor to make the positions of the Central African Republic heard.

Mrs. Baipo Témon stressed the contribution of the Russian Federation in this Central African struggle to obtain from the UN Security Council the complete lifting of the arms embargo.

“The Russian Federation took the step to support the CAR’s advocacy for the lifting of the embargo by stipulating that given the situation on the ground, we should not delay the complete lifting of the embargo,” she added.



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