Home Politics Zimbabwe’s president leads prayer against coronavirus

Zimbabwe’s president leads prayer against coronavirus


Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa led the nation in prayer Monday, against the covid-19, which has claimed thousands of lives and infected millions of people globally.

“Forgive those who have worshipped idols and false gods. Forgive us for all the immorality and uncleanliness. Forgive us for every act of injustice or corruption that has made the poor to suffer or the innocent to die,” Mnangagwa said during his prayer.

The prayer meeting at the State House in Harare involved the reading of verses from the Bible that speak of forgiveness. Last week, the president advised Zimbabweans to come together, pray, fast and continue to follow precautions necessary to stop the virus from spreading.

The country has so far reported 4 deaths while 54 people have recovered.

Various heads of Christian churches and the Muslim, Hindu and Greek and Jewish communities attended the prayer meeting.


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