Home Economy French gas project is a ‘climate time bomb’ for Mozambique

French gas project is a ‘climate time bomb’ for Mozambique


3 gas projects under development will release 7 times more carbon than France, and 49 times more than Mozambique’s annual emissions, Friends of the Earth found during a study.

“This is a ticking climate bomb ready to explode and will contribute to pushing the world even further towards the irreversible climate crisis,” the report said.

The NGO is calling on Total to immediately stop their involvement in Mozambican gas projects.

The international NGO has blamed France of destabilization of Mozambique’s security, economy and environment in its drive to capitalize on a gas boom off the country’s north.

In a report the group said France was tossing Mozambique “into a gas trap” by shoring up French interests in the vast underwater reserves off Cabo Delgado province.

Use of the gas fields, planned over 30 years, is expected to create $60 billion in investments – the largest ever on the African continent.

French oil giant Total is establishing a gas exploitation project, while banks Crédit Agricole and Societé Générale were mentioned as “major players”, acting as financial advisors


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