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Malawi companies ready for cannabis agriculture


Malawi is yet to implement the Cannabis Regulation Act after the country passed a bill in February legalizing cannabis for medical and industrial use.

Ingrow Limited, has expressed confidence that the crop can grow well in Malawi adding that Malawians will benefit from the crop.

Ingrow Limited director, Nerbert Nyirenda stated a local newspaper that the act has to be gazetted and the ministry should gazette both the date of the Act and regulations.

The bill started a debate from religious leaders and anti-smoking activists. Moreover, it is alleged that the majority could not distinguish the industrial hemp from the illegal Indian hemp.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Agriculture has told that they are developing procedures and principles to ease the implementation of the new law.

Malawi has been reliant on tobacco as a main source of income and foreign currency in the country, but, due to the global anti-tobacco movements, the crop has been on the decline.

Economists have so far chosen the application of the Act citing that cannabis is economically worthwhile because of its vast list of by-products in comparison with other commercial crops in Malawi.


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