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No international observers to monitor Malawi presidential poll


Presidential polls scheduled for June this year will be held without international observers for the first time ever according to local media report on Wednesday.

According to the Head of EU mission Malawi Electoral Commission has not invited the EU for observing the polls. Earlier, the mission announced that it had directed all its resources to the fight against COVID-19.

The African Union and SADC officials also stated it was difficult to confirm whether they would send their missions to Malawi because of unknown dates of the polls.

Officials from Commonwealth told that it would be hard to send a team for observing the polls amid the lockdown measures and flight suspensions.

Saulos Chilima, the head of opposition United Transformation Movement party, said that the role of the international observers should be “redefined” in court, saying that Malawi does not need “election tourists”.

The May 2019 presidential elections were void in February after a constitutional court ruled that the polls were flawed by irregularities.

However, the EU, AU, SADC, and Commonwealth as well as other observer teams qualified the polls “free, fair, credible and transparent”.

The nationwide protests also forced the resignation of Malawi Electoral Commission chairperson Jane Ansah.


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