Home Economy Malawi seeks extradition of ‘Cashgate’ fugitive from SA

Malawi seeks extradition of ‘Cashgate’ fugitive from SA


Malawi government plans to issue an extradition request to South African government for an alleged Cashgate-linked fugitive Limumba Karim, Director of Public Prosecution Mary Kachale announced on Wednesday.

Limumba is among the many suspects in the case and fled the country when he was expected to plead to several counts of money laundering in which perpetrators are accused of defrauding the government of K2.4 billion.

The top prosecutor Kachale said the government will be demanding his extradition from South Africa.

“We already started the extradition process and we would want to proceed with that,” she stated.

“Since this is a serious offense we might now have to start looking into extradition process with South Africa so that he can come before the case concludes,” Kachale said.

The fugitive has been posting pictures on social media partying in South Africa and there is one where he is accompanied by rapper Tay Grin and location on the post showed Taboo Night Club.

Judge Chombo told lawyers that the court ruling is crucial and cannot be delivered in the absence of the concerned parties.


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