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Mozambique soldiers killed 50 jihadists


Mozambique’s army announced it has killed 50 jihadists in the northern Cabo Delgado province.

The jihadists have stepped up their attacks and are venturing into towns as part of a declared campaign to establish an Islamist caliphate.

The Interior Minister Amad Miquidade reported around 20 attacks on 11 Cabo Delgado villages between the 3rd and 12th of May.

He said the terrorists had kidnapped citizens, destroyed a newly-built hospital and cut off telecommunication lines.

“In the same period, our defence and security forces carried out various offensive and defensive actions,” Miquidade told reporters in the capital Maputo.

On Wednesday soldiers intercepted a convoy of insurgents, destroying their vehicles and killing 42 fighters in the process.

Another 8 were killed after the military quashed an attempted assault in Quissanga district early on Thursday.

“These actions of terror aim to distract, demoralize and sow confusion within communities,” Miquidade stated.


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