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Madagascar Pasteur Institute admits errors in Covid-19 results


The Pasteur Institute is under fire from the government after a number of false positives were discovered in samples submitted for Covid-19 testing. The government had the original samples retested, and only 5 positive cases were found.

The Institute, which received the samples on 6 May, admitted that samples sent to its laboratory for analysis could have been contaminated. It had originally announced that 67 cases were positive.

The samples were retested at the Charles Mérieux Center for Infectious Disease, a research centre in Antananarivo, where only 5 samples came back as positive.

According to André Spiegel, director of the Institut Pasteur, unintentional contamination could have affected the entire chain, from taking samples at the hospital to their arrival at the institute.

He noted that the Institut Pasteur conducted an internal investigation, but did not find any issues with the diagnostic process.


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