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Malawi Defence Forces commander dismissed by President Mutharika


Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has sacked the country’s military chief, General Vincent Nundwe. The army has been hailed in the aftermath of a court’s annulment of May 2019 general elections.

Mutharika’s re-election was overturned by a successful opposition petition. The rerun of the poll has been ordered by the court. Parliament set a new date and passed an electoral reform bill that the president on Tuesday refused to sign citing the unconstitutionality of portions.

Protesters who took to the streets protesting the outcome of the polls reported enjoying support and protection of the army. Major opposition voices also spoke in glowing terms of the role the army is playing in the protests.

The MDF is one institution the people of Malawi have always been able to count on to uphold the constitution in times of political crisis.

In several instances when the police and protesters have clashed, the army has stepped in to restore order and calm and protected demonstrators.

While deploying forces in August 2019, the now-dismissed Malawi Defence Forces (MDF) commander Vincent Nundwe declared that his “priority is to ensure that Malawi is sovereign as well as peaceful.”

Source: IPPMedia


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