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German investors betting on Zimbabwe


Today the Zimbabwean market looks very attractive to Western investors and European businesses seek opportunities in the country, the recent visit of major business stakeholders from Germany to meet President Mnangagwa confirmes the particular attention.

On Monday, February 17, during closed-door consultations held in the Munhumutapa offices, Count Joachim of Bruhn, the head of the German investors, met the President Mnangagwa.

There were ministers from different departments and top Government officials being at the meeting.

After the business session Finance and Economic Development Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube said the participants touched on various issues with investment opportunities in Zimbabwe among them.

“Really, Zimbabwe is open for business. It’s up to them to decide which areas they are interested in. Our job is to welcome them to give them the right incentives.

“The German investors are coming slowly, but surely. This is a demonstration of how Zimbabwe is open for business mantra is beginning to pay dividends. The one who met with the President is the head of the delegation, some are already in the country, while others are still coming, so it goes to show how the re-engagement policy is progressing.”


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