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US to expand its military presence in Africa in fight with terrorism


Fighting radical jihadists on the African continent is apparently one of the key priorities for the US‘s external peacekeeping activities. Based on this, the US government believes that it is a timely decision to expand the presence of its peacekeeping contingent on the territory of African countries. 

It has been asserted in a statement on Wednesday when the officials announced an initial plan for “adjusting its military presence in Africa amid concerns the country will reduce forces.”

According to US Defense Department officials, as the first step, the US will replace an infantry unit including around 800 troops with an equivalent number of military trainers and advisors set to support local forces in “spotlight African countries.”

At the moment, the US presence counts more than 6,000 military personnel all over the Africa continent, including 800 in West Africa, 500 Special Forces in Somalia and an undisclosed number at an airbase that is located in Niger.

“The terrorist threat in Africa remains persistent and, in many places, is growing,” said the Pentagon’s inspector general in a recent report on US counterterrorism operations in Africa.


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