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Bundestag set to resume economic cooperation with Sudan, Heiko Maas


The Bundestag voted on Thursday, February 13, in favor of resuming economic cooperation with the Sudan government making it possible for the government of Angela Merkel to participate in the process of reviving the economy of the East African country after the oppressive Omar al-Bashir regime collapsed.

It has been more than thirty years since the Islamist coup overturned a democratic government of Sudan what forced Germany as well as many other western countries to ban economic cooperation and development aid programme to Sudan.

Nevertheless, the German contribution to the European efforts such as battling human trafficking and several peace programmes was implemented via international regional, and non-governmental organisations.

Heiko Maas, Foreign Minister of Germany was the first western official to pay his visit to Khartoum in September 2019 with an initiative to persuade the Bundestag to authorise the resumption of economic cooperation with Sudan.

Addressing the federal parliament, Heiko Maas emphasised the need to support the Sudanese transitional government to help bridge the 30-year-long gap separating Sudan from western countries on the path towards democracy and economic development.

“The Government of the Republic of Sudan welcomes the decision of the German Parliament, issued on Thursday 13 February to resume and expand economic and development relations with Sudan after a three-decade suspension,” the foreign ministry said in their statement.


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