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Omar al-Bashir to be turned over to war tribunal in Hague


On Tuesday, February 11, Sudan’s government has reached an agreement to extradite the country’s former President Omar al-Bashir to the international court ICC in Hague to a war crimes tribunal to finally face up to his role in the hostilities more than 10 years ago that claimed more than 300,000 lives of Sudanese.

Ousted autocrat Omar al-Bashir was overthrown nearly a year ago and has since been wanted by the ICC to face charges of war crimes and genocide for the Darfur conflict.

“Khartoum agreed to demands by Darfur rebels that anyone wanted by the International Criminal Court be handed over as part of an overarching peace deal,” Faisal Saleh, a spokesman for Sudan’s transitional military government and an 11-member sovereign council advised on Tuesday.

Omar al-Bashir along with three of his aides has been charged with genocide, five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes committed in Sudan’s western region of Darfur which was engulfed by a violent conflict from 2003.

Mohamed Hassan Al-Taishay, a member of the ruling sovereign council, has been quoted as saying, “Those who have been indicted by the ICC, they have to go there.”


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