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ADF militants strike again: 7 civilians brutally murdered by gunmen in eastern DRC


The militants from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) group carried out a violent attack on the civilians brutally killing seven people of a small township in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, the provincial authorities said. This incident happened just days after another bloody massacre.

According to the local police, there were approximately 60 ADF soldiers involved in the attack against Makeke, leaving five men and two women dead. The township lies 32km north of Beni, in Ituri province, near the border with Uganda.

Local official Mapengo Shabani told the media that the attack happened in broad daylight. He added that the terrorists have also pillaged five shops.

Major Losendjola Morisho, the chief of police at the neighbouring town of Mangina, was the first who reported this latest assault.

In his report, Morisho stated that another 12 bodies had been discovered near Beni, in the neighbouring province of North Kivu, two days after an ADF attack that killed eight people and left around 20 missing.

All those people were the victims of Friday’s ADF attack when the insurgents slit the throats of eight people in Mangina commune, prompting hundreds of villagers to flee the area.

It was just the latest massacre blamed on the ADF, which has carried out reprisal attacks on civilians in response to a military crackdown that began in October.


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