Home Accidents Mozambique: Devastating floods death toll jumps to 28

Mozambique: Devastating floods death toll jumps to 28


While Mozambique continues recovering from the last year’s severe cyclones, fresh floods have hit its territory killing at least 28 people and damaging more than 10, 000 households.

According to the reports, Cabo Delgado, Sofala and Zambezia provinces were in the epicentre of the disaster; however, the surrounding regions also experienced the heavy rains’ consequences.

The road traffic and electricity disruptions have been reported in Gaza, Manica, Maputo, and Nampula.

The water streams also destroyed 2, 300 hectares of crops, an incident which could further affect the harvesting, some specialists say.

In 2019, two cyclones named Idai and Kenneth made landfall in the Southern African state resulting in 600 deaths.


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