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Newcastle shutdown: Protesters close roads, loot and burn shops [photos & videos]


The Newcastle service delivery protest in KwaZulu-Natal which started yesterday has grown more violent on Thursday with the demonstrators barricading the roads with burning tyres and looting the local shops owned by foreigners.

Last year, the municipality fired 223 workers and never replaced them. As a result, the service delivery almost ceased to exist

“Refuse has not been collected for some time and no explanation is given to the residents,” one of the protesters confirmed.

Yesterday, the angry residents of Osizweni Township and Madadeni vowed to bring the town to a standstill after the talks with the mayor’s office about the long-standing problem had proved fruitless. They urge the mayor, Ntuthuko Mahlaba, to resign and ask the national government to intervene.

In the meantime, the schools have been closed as the roads are blocked with rubbish and burning tyres, and some of the shops owned by foreigners have been looted and torched.

“This is a mess. I don’t blame people for acting like this. The municipality is dirty and filthy. I have lived here in Newcastle for all my life and there has never been a protest but since Mahlaba took over, everything is upside down,” one of the residents stated.


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