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CAR: Businessman shot dead and robbed triggering inter-ethnic tension


On Sunday, a violent clash between the Sara and the Kara was barely diverted in the city of Bria with the help of several notables, including the Imams Modi Bouba Sallet and moussa. The inter-ethnic tension was reportedly caused by the murder of a businessman who had recently returned to Bria.

The victim, identified by the police as Mr Ramadan, was a Séléka ex-combatant who returned to his village Ahigbado and started a small business there. Last month, he decided to sell his business and open a large store in Bria, the capital of the prefecture of Haute-Kotto. While finishing everything at home, he sent his wife and children to Bria.

On Friday, he had headed to Bria by motorcycle but never reached the destination as a group of armed men stopped and assaulted him outside Sans-worry village, located 45 kilometers from Bria. The attackers shot Ramadan several times causing fatal injuries and robbed him of his bag with the money from the business sale, motorcycle, and even shoes. They then fled the scene and are still on the run.

According to the sources close to the Movement of Central African Liberators for Justice (MLCJ), the members of another rebel group – Patriotic Front for the Renaissance in the Central African Republic (FPRC) – are to blame for the attack and murder. This act has ignited the old conflict between the Kara (the MLCJ) and the Sara (the FPRC).


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