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Sudan: Govt to seize Holy Quran Association’s gold mine


The recently dissolved Holy Quran Association investigated as an institution set up by the defunct regime of ousted President Omar al-Bashir has been exposed engaging in commercial activities.

According to one of the members of the Anti-Corruption Committee, Wajdi Saleh, they are now checking the criminal reports related to “a breach of trust.” The association was supposed to deal with Islam advocacy activities, like teaching and memorising the Quran, “without engaging in commercial activities or any activity that goes beyond the goal for which it was established.”

However, the investigation has shown the association owned a multi-storey building and two hotels in Khartoum, and nearly 100 vehicles along with a gold mine in the River Nile state.

“The Holy Quran Association has been active in gold prospecting for quite some time now,” Saleh explained.

He added that the machinery used to prospect gold had been funded by the state, in particular by the Zakat (Muslim alms) Chamber. The funding ended when the al-Bashir regime was ousted in April 2019.


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