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Lybia: Ceasefire in Tripoli


Following the joint proposal of the Russian and Turkish Presidents made on January 8, the Libyan National Army (LNA) and the Government of National Accord (GNA) finally stopped fighting today. The proposal of Vladimir Putin and Recep Erdogan aimed at achieving peace in Libya including the cessation of fire starting from midnight of January 12.

This is an important milestone in Libya’s modern history, as the country has been devastated by the ongoing fight against the terrorist bands since 2014. In the course of Al-Karma campaign, LNA has liberated almost all of the country from the armed terrorist groups, leaving Tripoli as their last vestige.

While the GNA fighters continued fighting until midnight, LNA had already ceased fire. However, by the stated hour, the GNA militias stopped the shooting as well. The official fire cessation facilitated by the global leaders might be a stepping stone on the way to peace and stability in Libya.

The celebration of the ceasefire has already started in Tripoli and Misrata.


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