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Sudan and US to exchange ambassadors


Sudan and the US have agreed to forge closer diplomatic relations. The countries initiated the process of exchanging ambassadors for the first time since 1996.

Yesterday, Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok met with David Hale, the US State Department’s Under Secretary for Political Affairs. The State Department has since released an official statement claiming the US decided to exchange ambassadors “because the civilian-led transitional Sudanese government works to implement the vast reforms under the political agreement and constitutional declaration of August 17.”

“Since his August 21 appointment, Prime Minister Hamdok has led Sudan’s transitional government, installed a civilian cabinet, and made key personnel changes to break with the policies and practices of the previous regime,” the statement further explained the decision. “He has demonstrated a commitment to peace negotiations with armed opposition groups, established a commission of inquiry to investigate violence against protestors, and committed to holding democratic elections at the end of the 39-month transition period.”

The names of the ambassadors have not been revealed yet.

As for the US list of state sponsors of terrorism, Sudan is still on it and the removal of the designation is a legal process that will take time.


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