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Zimbabwe understated financial aid, US says following China accusations


Almost a month after China had accused Zimbabwe of understating their financial support, a similar statement was made by the US diplomats.

According to Deputy Ambassador Thomas Hastings, the amount of money the Southern African state received during the 2019 financial year is a lot more than that proclaimed in the national budget paper.

The senior official emphasised Harare did not include all the programmes, especially those related to the food and health, and only showed $330 million when in reality the number should be much higher.

“So, it was a bit more than it was in the budget report that’s the total amount that includes our work with PEPFAR (US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief),” Hastings declared in his interview in Masvingo. “It includes work that we have provided this year for food relief, people who are faced with food insecurity because of the drought and other causes it includes drought and any other causes and it also includes the assistance that was given to people who suffered the consequences of Cyclone Idai.”

The politician further urged his Zimbabwean counterparts to double check the figures and present a trustworthy document.


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