Home Accidents Zimbabwe: Robber shot dead by victim after car chase

Zimbabwe: Robber shot dead by victim after car chase


In an unexpected twist of fate, an armed robber was shot dead by his victim in Harare, Zimbabwe.

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), a driver was robbed when he stopped at the intersection of Harare Drive and Alpes Road. Two perpetrators smashed his car window and stole a horse blanket. They then speeded away in a Honda Fit.

Surprisingly enough, the victim of the robbery did not give up and chased after them. When both vehicles turned into a closed road, the robbers started firing at the brave man. Also armed, he responded and wounded one of the perpetrators. The injured robber soon succumbed to his gunshot wound. The other one fled.

“The Honda Fit has since been recovered and investigations are underway to account for the outstanding accomplice,” the police stated confirming that an investigation was under way.


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