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Zimbabwe: No last will found over Mugabe’s inheritance


The multimillion inheritance Zimbabwe’s late former president Robert Mugabe left will not be designated to the family in the near future as the will naming his beneficiaries has not been found.

According to the reports, Mugabe, who led the country for three decades straight and died of cancer this September, had approximately $10 million in a CBZ Bank account as well as several houses, land plots and at least ten cars.

The full list of the property placed as his inheritance was revealed by the Herald, Zimbabwe’s state-owned media. Among the potential heirs are Grace Mugabe, sole surviving spouse, and the leader’s four surviving children.

Earlier, the family lawyer had asked the High Court to register Mugabe’s death in order to make his riches available for the claim, however, the court confirmed there was no last will.

An executor is expected to be appointed soon.


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