Home Accidents WATCH: EC sangoma beaten to death by white farmer

WATCH: EC sangoma beaten to death by white farmer


The Eastern Cape police and authorities have launched an investigation into a brutal murder. An Eastern Cape sangoma had been beaten to death by a farmer in Brakfontein.

Since then, Facebook has blocked the video of this terrible massacre of the innocent man, however, you can watch it by clicking this link.


As it can be seen from the footage, Fritz Joubert insults Anele Hoyana, who trained Joubert to be a sangoma. Hoyana holds his little child in his arms while kneeling on the floor. The killer is seen hitting him a knobkerrie many times, calling Hoyana the devil, and then killing him.

The police officers who arrived at the scene had to shoot the perpetrator dead.

“The police were then called to intervene in the situation and, on their arrival, there was apparently some resistance on the part of the man. During the struggle, there was also a shooting that actually happened, which resulted in the farmer being killed.”


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