Home Society Attacks on trains in SA deprive citizens of money

Attacks on trains in SA deprive citizens of money


Thousands of commuters in South Africa are suffering from the ongoing attacks on the Metrorail infrastructure.

The actions of the criminals, disrupting the normal functioning of the rail transport, force the local citizens to look for other routes, which often leads to delays, and then the deprivation of salaries or even layoffs.

During the latest incident, the attackers set fire to the Cape Town Station, which led to a temporary cancellation of all train services.

However, the single mother of three, who arrived at the Steenberg Railway Station at 5:30am on Thursday, was unaware of the incident. After a long journey to work with numerous difficulties and transfers, she was late for an hour and a half. When she finally got there, her boss told her to go home because she had lost her entire day’s wages.

“I’m scared my job is on the line. If I lose my job, then I don’t know,” the woman said.


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