Home Economy Worker strike increase SAA daily revenue loss to R52m

Worker strike increase SAA daily revenue loss to R52m


The unions and workers strike over the low wages which blocked the South African Airway’s regular schedule has continued to drain the company’s money resulting in a heavy loss.

According to the reports, the carrier loses more than R52 million on a daily basis as most of the flights have been canceled.

“All of us must understand how serious this is. We are exposing ourselves to revenue loss of R52m a day. If this continues there will be no winners,” SAA spokesperson Tlali Tlali claimed.

The company has agreed to provide only 5.9% salary increase while the employees demanded at least 8%.

Moreover, no guarantee had been received in relation to the job cut cancellation, so the workers led by the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa and the South African Cabin Crew Association decided to keep the protest fueled.

A bilateral meeting between the SAA management and demonstrators scheduled for Saturday is expected to break the ice in the discussion and bring some valuable results.


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