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Zimbabwe’s population to reach 21m by 2032 — ZimStat report


The total number of Zimbabweans is projected to significantly increase by the year 2032, the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) stated in its research.

According to the paper, the population will jump from the current 13.4 million to 21.4 million as a result of the demographic changes the country implemented recently.

The development is also expected to help the nation, especially in the view of the planned economic growth.

“The above population trends could be extremely beneficial to economic growth and development. When the ratio between the dependent and the working-age population decreases, new economic and social opportunities arise,” the document read.

In order to double the population, Zimbabwe needs at least 29.4 years with the current annual growth rate estimated at 2.35 percent.

The research, however, pointed out that it could bring some additional problems like social turbulence and civil unrest provoked by the large number of young adults.


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