Home Society Mozambique cooperates with Uruguay to battle cancer

Mozambique cooperates with Uruguay to battle cancer


The Mozambican health sector has joined hands with the Uruguay specialists to improve the treatment techniques and together battle cancer.

As part of the mutually beneficial project, two nations will share knowledge on the dangerous diseases while also helping each other with the equipment and staff training.

Initially, the launch had been scheduled for April this year, however, Mozambique was forced to postpone it due to the devastating Cyclone Idai.

According to Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation director Andrea Vignolo, both countries’ hospital systems had much in common, so the initiative was expected to be implemented easily.

“The reality of Maciel, a public hospital in Uruguay, is that it has a lot in common with the hospital in Maputo,” she explained. “The dialogue, the needs, the changes, the strategies that the hospital’s medical team had to make are much closer to those of the daily life in the Maputo hospital.”

In the near future, the Uruguayan officials will visit the Central Hospital of Maputo setting up a preliminary action plan.


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