Home Politics South Africa: BLF no longer political party

South Africa: BLF no longer political party


The Black First Land First movement (BLF) has been officially deregistered from the list of the South African parties.

The development comes after the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) decided to withdraw the BLF’s licence in June as it had found irregularities in its constitution.

The article 4 of the document contained a statement that only black people could join the party’s ranks. Later, the political organisation’s representatives attempted to appeal the decision claiming the party had been misinterpreted and that people of other racial groups could be seen as black.

However, the appeal was dismissed on Tuesday and the deregistration came into effect.

“As a consequence, we are holding a policy conference at the end of the month in Durban, where are going to take matters on hand and determine the future of our movement,” BLF president Andile Mnxgitama said.



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