Home Society Zimbabwe: Electricity imports suspended; more power cuts expected 

Zimbabwe: Electricity imports suspended; more power cuts expected 


The situation with load-shedding in Zimbabwe will soon severely deteriorate as the country has stopped importing electricity from South Africa. 

The neighbouring state is struggling to deal with the electricity shortage and currently unable to provide all of its consumers with a sufficient amount of power. To stabilise the national grid, the South African state-owned Eskom company has recently implemented stage 2 load-shedding. 

As a result, Zimbabwe, which had an electricity transfer contract with SA, now has to rely more on its own generating capacities.

However, most of the Zimbabwean cities have already been plunged into darkness with the capital city of Harare getting power only for six hours per day.   

The national power utility Zesa urged the residents to use electricity sparingly and remain patient while the authorities attempt to recover the supply. 


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