Limpopo company asks Govt to fund electric-power bus factory


A Limpopo-based company has launched the first African electro-power bus. It hopes not only to reduce the harmful emission but also to create much needed jobs for the local residents.

Masala Ramabulana, the CEO of MiPower, revealed the project at the Chartered Institute of Government Finance Audit and Risk Officers’ (Cigfaro) conference at the Durban International Convention Centre (ICC) on October 7. He has since called on the Government to offer financial support to the project.

“What we were trying to achieve by contacting them was to raise awareness about our bus and concepts of building a factory in rural Limpopo, so that we are able to provide hi-tech paying jobs in villages, but, most importantly, give hope,” he explained.

The noiseless bus works on batteries and is emission-free. If such a bus gets stuck with the battery about to die, its driver only needs to call MiPower, and a power bank would immediately be sent to its location.

“We are 90% cheaper on operational costs, so it’s much easier for the bus industry to use an electrical bus,” MiPower’s chief marketing officer Alilali Ramabulana added.

So far, the entrepreneurs have received no answer from the Government.


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