Taxi drivers cause chaos in CT CBD



Yesterday, Cape Town’s taxi drivers went on a rampage in the city’s CBD after several of them were approached by the traffic police officers with warrants. They went as far as robbing a policeman of his firearm.

Mayco member for Safety and Security JP Smith condemned the incident.

“It is our understanding that taxi drivers were upset about a warrant operation that was taking place on Tuesday afternoon, where officers issued Section 72 notices for offenders to appear in court,” Smith explained. “According to reports, their dissatisfaction stems from the fact that they are fined in the first place, as well as the fine amounts.”

The protesters reportedly gridlocked the Cape Town Taxi Rank by blocking Christiaan Barnard Street with taxis. To do that, they forced the passengers out of the vehicles. In the mayhem, an off-duty police officer was assaulted and robbed of his gun.

“Be that as it may, the actions of the group yesterday cannot be condoned. You cannot break the law with reckless abandon and then cry foul when you are held accountable,” Smith declared. “The law applies equally to everyone and if some are able to abide by it, I don’t see why taxi drivers cannot.”


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